The Advantages And Disadvantages Of PDF

The process of converting .doc or .docx files into PDF format has become relatively easier. You do not have to download additional software or applications to do it. You can even convert files from you mobile device by simply using an Office app.

If you have ever had the need to convert files from word format into PDF, then it is of the utmost importance for you to read up on and understand the various disadvantages and advantages of PDF files.

The very first thing you should understand is the meaning of the acronym. PDF simply refers to Portable Document Format. The name has also highlighted another important fact to note: it is one of the many available file formats for documents.

The majority of the books distributed on online platforms are available in this format. Like I said earlier, just about any word document can be converted into PDF.

The process of converting these documents is simple. It only requires a few clicks.

Now, let us move on to the focus of these articles. The disadvantages and advantages of using PDF format for your documents include:


It Is Securable

It is a source of constant worry to writers that the very important project they are working on can be accessed remotely and shared over the internet.

They usually combat this by locking the files with passwords and employing a number of encryption techniques. They also embed watermarks into the files.

All of these features can be included in PDF files. Therefore, whenever you are sending sensitive files through the internet, you can be rest assured that you can use the appropriate software to secure the documents.

It Allows You To Compress Big Files

Let me give you a visual instance. Assume you are alone in a vast room filled with cabinets. Every cabinet contains endless files that have to be organized and archived. You will then have to send each archived file to a clerk who will then take over from there.

Sounds like an arduous task, right? It will most likely be.

This is where PDF comes in to save you valuable time and energy. Every document you need to file can be saved on the hard drive of your computer.

These compressed and compiled files can then be encrypted and password protected before being sent out over the internet.

This feature of PDF gives you the opportunity to compress large files and then blend them to become one whole file.

Self Contained

All files that are saved as Portable Document Format do not depend on the original hardware, operating system, or software that was used to create it. This implies that PDF files are self contained.

This allows you to securely transfer the converted files from computer to computer or from your computer to your mobile device without experiencing any glitches.

The converted file will still retain the original feel and look. Another advantage of PDF files is that when they are converted, they cannot be edited or altered like Word documents.


PDF Files Are Harder To Edit

The information of a PDF document is very hard to work with. Quite simply, every file that is stored as Portable Document Format cannot be easily edited. This is a difference between PDF files and Word documents.

This is because when a file is converted into PDF, it becomes an image of the original document. Therefore, the file cannot be edited unless it is converted into a format that supports editing of documents. These are formats like .doc and .docx.

You can do this conversion through various websites on the internet. You can also use some applications and software designed specifically for this purpose.